Cineplexx welcomes the listener into the intimate atmosphere of the evening when this album should be played, or maybe better in the "nigh"'.
The music on this album sounds as dance music but it's not at all for the dance floors, it's only for intimate home listening.
There are no vocals, singing or voice samples (except in the first track) and most of the tracks are rhythmic in a very linear way, sometimes as in house music, but as I said, this music is not at all for the clubs.
So, the kind of techno inspired rhythms, that sound very gentle and sometimes even a bit fragile, are the basic rhythmic forms of the tracks that are build in various directions, with adding more layers of sounds that are slowly appearing from the background and often they're forming a specific dreamy ambiental aura around the tracks.
This is "good night" music to sleep by.
Music that is not connected to any concrete genre or style, but still it has elements of some of them, like ambient, or even a special kind of, let's name it, 'lucid dreaming techno music'.

Tracklist :
1 Buenas Noches 6:25
2 Simmons 4:31
3 Tenis 4:59
4 Escape 3:42
5 Edredón 4:58
6 Cucharita 5:24
7 Sleep 7:40
8 Desagüe 4:00
9 Bosque 4:32

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