Präsident der Sonne


CD Digipack (PLUS 071) - MOLOKO +

President of the Sun [Präsident der Sonne] of the Moon & the litle Earth (inner surface)
are just few of the titles Raoul Hausmann has on his visit-cards arround 1919...
A failure was already to feel at that time, the continued mismanagement of the Dadaists was leading into a public fiasco when on the 23 July 1920 the "First International Dada Fair" was opening in Berlin.
The present collection of tracks was assembled by relatives and descendants of those DADA protagonists.
The old informer, the artificial grimace, the coquettish enfant terrible, the German philistine, the slimy verbiage, the hot love of country, the quivering mouth and the wobbling belly ...
All this must never be lost!

The album is 80 minutes long and contains 10 new or unreleased tracks from 2000-2010.
24 page booklet featuring collages by Tom Platt, Jürgen Eckloff, Stea Andreasson, Robert Schalinski.

Tracklist :
1. präsident der sonne Berlin, 2010
2. godesberger marsch unter der Leitung von Direktor Butin, 2010
3. voranzeige oder der moloch Berlin, 2010
4. anatomie einer waage Berlin, 2000
5. berta navarseke 1919 Norwegen, 2003-2010
6. reichlich sonderbar Berlin, 2008-2010
7. ich halte dies für keine treppe Berlin, 2006
8. 100 tänze & märsche 1. nationale Radarmesse, 2010
9. ladung zum weltgericht ! Berlin, 1920.
10. hydronosie oder der Sprecher Berlin, 2006-2010

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