Black Ships Hit the Dancefloor


Dual Disc (CD+DVD) (Durtro Jnana 12) - DURTRO / JNANA

It's dancefloor time now folks!
After their first and only intrusion into this world (remember Crowleymass...) they're back with four hilarious yet very groovy tunes.
The DVD contains two films by Cam Archer for the JG Thirlwell and Matmos remix.

DVD-01 Black Ships Ate The Sky (JG Thirlwell Remix) 5:40
DVD-02 The Beautiful Dancing Dust (Matmos Remix) 4:11

CD-01 Black Ships Ate The Sky I 5:38
CD-02 Black Ships Ate The Sky II 3:56
CD-03 Black Ships Ate The Sky 6:05
CD-04 The Beautiful Dancing Dust 5:38

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