Lust 'n' Stone


CD Jewel Box (Ahnstern 32) - AHNSTERN / STEINKLANG

passionate neofolk from Greece ...
The swirling sense of lust meets the hardness of stone.
The music of Défilé Des Ames is a blend of contrary elements: Violence & lyricism, atmosphere & rage, murder, purity, winds & mushrooms…
Their traditional and classical instruments are accompanied by powerful percussions and the participation of the great MATT HOWDEN (SIEBEN) gives a uncompareable accent to the album.
"Lust 'n' Stone" is a brilliant, dark Avant-Garde Folk album and after many years of live appearances and independent releases, here is finally the debut album of the Mediterranean Folk-gods Défilé Des Ames.

Reminiscences to a whole bunch of genre bands might be recalled, SOL INVICTUS, CURRENT 93, ATARAXIA, TENHI…just to name a few.
It seems like DÉFILÉ DES ÂMES have made it their task to filter only the best characteristics of all these bands and to mingle this extract with their own personal and exceptionally lyric touch.

1 Doors To Undefeated Violence 4:04
2 Carnal Desire 2:20
3 Mushrooms 3:33
4 My Middle Name 3:28
5 Welcome 3:22
6 Eosforou Fos 5:05
7 Liar...! 3:48
8 Eilem A Est Morte 3:25
9 Under The Spell 3:14
10 The Wind Fairy (Is Dead) 2:56
11 August 8:26

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