Sukellan tuntemattomiin syvyyksiin


CD Digipack (Force 006) - FORCE MAJEURE

"Sukellan tuntemattomiin syvyyksiin" ("I dive into unknown depths" FOR english) is Decondition's debut ALBUM after a tape released in 2006 on Freak Animal, The Universal Nothingness".
The new album contains thirteen tracks recorded before and after the "Universal Nothingness" sessions.
Using electronics, sampler, effects, field-recording, processed vocals, tape-voices, DECONDITION creates hypnotic, repetitive pieces of noise, mixing power or rhythmic electronics with real industrial sounds.
The atmosphere is obscure, weird and very personal, most of the tracks dealing with death and the resurrection of the ego.
Nordik P/E, Noise & Dark-Ambient

1 Hulluus Vuotaa Mieleni Seinämistä
2 Epätoivon Riivaamat Ajatukset
3 Dark Clouds Over My Innerlandscape
4 Matkaan Kohti Muistojeni Loppua
5 Särkynyt Kokonaisuus
6 None Of This Is Real
7 Self Illusions/Delusions
8 Diseased Within
9 Wheel Of Change/Passage Of Time
10 Oudot Tuntemukset Virtaavat Kehollani
11 River Of My Emotions Unfolding
12 Aistiharhojen Luoma Todellisuus (Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin)
13 Deep Sleep In My Dreams

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