L'Homme Machine


CD in Metal Box (BOP 4.1) - BEAST OF PREY

Industrial sounds, machineries rhythms and factory noises.
Industrial-acoustic sounds, industrial devices, sounds cutted with surgical precision ....
The struggle of man with machines !
Soundsacpes inspired by Modern Primitives, Totalitarian Aesthetics, Transgressive Art, Body Rituals and Body Modification …
With quotations from Stelarc, Bataille, De La Mettrie, Blanchot, Lyn Cowan …

Special package in round metal box, including black latex gloves, an original surgical scalpel hermetically packed, insert with infos, the whole hand numbered to 444 copies !

Track listing :
1. Obsolete Bodies
2. The Limit-Experience
3. Marriage between Man and Machine
4. Servitude to the Madness
5. Deconstruction and propaganda
6. Cruel Practice

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