Deus Irae / Crippled Sex Object


CD Digipak (PT:345) - PHAGE TAPES

Limited Edition 300 copies

PHOCOMELUS is the new project by Patrick O'Neil.
Patrick is maybe better known as the man behind SKIN CRIME and the US SELF ABUSE label!

Two tapes together on one disc.
Deus Irae was originally released on Self Abuse in low edition.
Crippled Sex Object was recorded for Stiff Sanctorum but never released.
Harsch Noise P/E.

Remastered by Grant Richardson (Gnawed)
Art by Carlos Davila

1 Deus Irae 15:23
2 Deus Irae 15:16
3 Crippled Sex Object 22:29
4 Crippled Sex Object 23:01

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