Le Gueule De Guerre


CD Digipack (SMR06) -

After the two amazing albums "Agrippen" and "Cortharis Lex", available for download on his website, Deuterror offers his new release into CD format !

"Le Gueule De Guerre" a fable on the faith that animates man and keeps him standing.
Dense and dark ambient, sometimes very deep other times really violent and batteling !
contaminated by few melodic ballads and symphonic sounds ...
Deuterror develops his theme with drones in turn overwhelming and disturbing frequencies, making of Le Gueule De Guerre a severe statement bittered with disillusion.

The album is presented in a beautiful matt digipack plus art-booklet and includes a cd-rom track which allows the listener to appreciate even more Deuterror's universe ...
Can be compared to many CMI dark ambient albums ...

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