DEVILS DEVIS [Teatro Satanico]

CD-R Carton Sleeve (NDCA002) - NEDAC EDITIONS

New opus by Devils Devis, aka Devis G. of TEATRO SATANICO, inspired by and based on the ancient Venetian folklore festival of “Batimarxo” (“beat-march”), during which people gather in the streets to awake the spring at the sound of drums, rattles and everything they can find to make noise with.
The first track is an actual, unprocessed field-recording of the feast, while all other tracks are creations based on this one recording, distorting and mutating the sounds into highly rhythmic, hypnotic, almost technoid pieces, molding kraftwerkian loops, frenetic metallic beats or noise abysses out of the crowd, drum and rattle sounds, taking aeons old sounds into the industrial age.
An exercise in time-transcending ritualism.

1 Batimarxo 2010
2 Marx00
3 Marx01
4 Marx02
5 Marx03
6 Marx04
7 Ri-Batimarxo 2010

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