Aakal / Nostrum / Earblind


7" Vinyl () - HARBINGER

First release since the “Tertium Organum” LP on Tesco Org in 2003.
And first release for the Harbinger Sound label ...

Recorded in 2001 / 2002, the EP features 3 tracks :
Side A - “Aakal” :
Composing loops of gourd and telephone conversations with Frater Kane of the O.T.O. this track was recorded at Eeriephone Studios in Exeter, Devon with Michael Parker from Appliance (Mute Records) engineering.
Side B - “Nostrum” / “Earblind” :
Recorded in studio in Nottingham, excerpts from a “rehearsal” for a live performance in London.

Mini Poster folding sleeve printed on heavy cardboard.
Pressed on “camouflage” vinyl, each EP is unique in its’ colour in a wide range of greens and browns ...

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