FDH [Frank Den Haan]

CD-R Mini DVD Box (Feirdd 002) - CYNFEIRDD

Limited Edition 141 copies

‘FDH’ is Frank den Haan, a musician with a Dutch name but based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Eight tracks and fifty minutes of instrumental music can be found on this debut.
From tranquil classical piano to very moving and emotional electronics, with a cinematic feel.
From dark ambient into baroque classical sounds.

The way in which minimal piano pieces are alternated with more orchestral parts is one of the more intriguing aspects of the album and also the combination between classical elements and electronica works very well.
Relaxing and subtle…

1     Opening    
2     Sent Down    
3     No Freedom Tomorrow    
4     And The Statues Crumble    
5     Pestilence Wind    
6     Desolate    
7     Banners Rise    
8     Finale

This is rare!
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