Life in Russhausen


CD-R Folder (UFA 42) - UFA MUZAK

New Russian Power-Elctronics !
"Hate your neighbour as yourself".
Eight tracks of manic depressive convulsions, a sick therapy session.
To all those born in the period of new distemper.
Russia is an ordeal.

Tracklist :
1 Моя Стальная Юность (My Steel Youth) 4:14
2 Гнилое Ретро (Rotten Retro) 5:14
3 Кто Унизил Тебя? (Who Has Humiliated You?) 5:07
4 Мы Настигаем Врага (We Overtake The Enemy) 7:01
5 Дотла (Burnned) 3:12
6 Русская Шваль (Russian Scum) 7:17
7 Новая Поэзия (New Poetry) 8:59
8 Надо Просыпаться (Wake Up!) 3:54

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