Another View


CD Folder (mwt 04) - MAGICK WITH TEARS

Dream Weapon Ritual, the duo of Monica Serra and Simon Balestrazzi (TAC / early Kirlian Camera ...) , return with "Another View" and with their signature free form improvisation tinged with faraway and hazy melodies and a deranged psychedelic feeling.
More than ever DWR seems to be creating songs to which the song elements are progressively subtracted, leaving an aural world populated with ghosts, haunting the spaces in the duo complex textural structure.
Their sound is based on concentric masses of acoustic string instrument interwoven with a swelling processed organic drone on which understated vocal lines can be heard from different perspective and transform the atmosphere perception, like waking up on a drowsy morning in a forest that still retains the nocturnal suggestions.
"Another View" is a potent mix of darkness and light that further unfolds with each and every listen.

1  Unending Green Waves    
2  Big Hungry Birds

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