Fjellfolk Saga Fra Forntiden


CD Digipack (GT 002) - GREAT TURF DELUX

Eliwagar plays Norse Romantic Folk Music.
Tales from the ancient northern lands, filled with the whisper of the northern lights, the might of the mountains rising to the sky and the glorious sun, the song of the waves crushing on the shore, the beauty of a green hill awaking to the spring, the strength of a winter bringing snow and storms.
Hailing the ancient Nordic Gods nearly forgotten today, the gods of nature, fertility and love who were the ones to be hailed before the Aesir came north during the war and chaos time in Europe.

Tracklist :
1 Wind Of Asgard 2:43
2 Die Geheime Sprache Der Runen Im Schwarzwald 3:40
3 Othala, Carved On The Ancestral Land 5:31
4 Hyperborean Winter 5:14
5 Schildmaidentanz 6:05
6 In Den Nordischen Landen 3:15
7 To Victory Of Walhalla 4:16
8 And The Raven Came... 1:59
9 Der Walkürensang 3:21
10 Where My Village In The North Calls Me Again 3:20
11 Alterberg 3:36
12 Tales Carved On Ice And Fire 5:10
13 Frigga 3:18

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