Danvers State Hospital - Beyond Mental Illness



“Danvers State Hospital-Beyond Mental Illness”, the awaited debut album of this new solo project performed by Sathorys Elenorth (Der Blaue Reiter, Narsilion, Lugburz).
Schizophrenic obscure ambient inspired in the lunatic asylum “Danvers State Hospital”.
A dark journey, across the human insane mind, exploring claustrophobic passages beyond the blackened side of the death.
Maybe you can cross the gates of insanity, but you will never more come back!

Tracklist :
1 The Journey Of Marie Bartel - "Chronicles Of A Patient..."
2 Schizophrenia
3 Childhood In The Asylum
4 The Lobotomist
5 Into The Deep Silence And Suffering
6 Beyond Mental Illness
7 The Voice Of Danvers
8 When The Gates Of Oblivion Was Closed Forever
9 Schizophrenia (Official Video Clip)

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