Entrenched Extreme



Limited Edition 200 copies

It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce the newest full-length album of mighty AntichildLeague "Entrenched Extreme". 4 years after her last solo full-length, Gaya Donadio is back with an absolute bang and presents her harshest and most brutal work so far.
Of course, trademark aspects like complex compositions, Gaya Donadio's unmistakeable vocals, enticing atmosphere and deep heavy throbs are to be found, but "Entrenched Extreme" is way more than just that.
ACL utilises a very contemporary harshness, crisp metaljunk, piercing Feedback and variations in style that form a massive Power Electronics monolith.
Limited edition of 200 copies, co-release with Obsessive Fundamental Realism

1. Purge Humanity
2. Death Loves You more than God
3. The Kiss
4. Paranoid
5. God never Loved You
6. Abuse
7. Negative Control
8. Brace
9. Entrenched Extreme
10. Born Again 3319
11. Transcendental

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