Esoteric Sedition


CD Digipak (4iB058) - 4iB

Limited Edition 300 copies

Nocturnal Emissions may be the better known act here.
Their history stretches back to their early associations with the then burgeoning industrial music scene.

Long before he became renowned for his role in the noise rock outfit Head Of David, FRAG’s Stephen Āh Burroughs was creating industrial music with the short lived project Comicide.
Today, his main project Tunnels Of Āh is a form of esoteric electronics in the vein of early Current 93 and Coil combining Buddhist and Gnostic texts with the genius loci of place.
FRAG is a newer and more prolific project offering slabs of sound on short run cassettes and CD-Rs.
FRAG’s recent collaboration with Italian composer and industrial stalwart Maurizio Bianchi, almost brings this full circle since it was Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions who co-founded the label, Sterile Records, which released Bianchi’s first album and 4iB Records who released the MB/FRAG collaborative album, Psychation, as well as being the label behind this one....
Best UK Ambient-Industrial.

1.  Wartime Summer 5:25
2.  Primordial Furea 4:16
3.  Telstra Sandpile 5:49
4.  Netra Mode 4:18
5.  Nomical Index 4:59
6.  Reflexive Control 5:53
7.  Symmetry Diffusion 5:18
8.  Particle Serum 4:22
9.  Ionone 5:16
10.  Boundless Informant 5:07
11.  Subtopia 5:34
12.  Propylene 6:03

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