Excarnastrial Commencination



Indian Warnoise!

Brahmastrika was conceived through revelations on the ancient shamshan grounds of Kalikshetra, adi-karmic yantraniti was bestowed on our vessels of flesh to reveal the secrets of the sanatana yudhakarma, through nuclear metal of ultimate death, that has led to the Excarnastrial Commencination demo.
Cosmic entrapments of Adi-kalpic proportions have been initiated.
Paramanobik annihilation rituals are sharpened though bijamantras. Imminent end of cyclic adharma will be executed Without Any Warning!
By now India is the source of some of the most unworldly combination of sunken magic, ancient knowledge, and bloodsoaked rituals imaginable.
All this is transferred into indescribable, deadly Death/Black Metal: Oribiting around the likes of TETRAGRAMMACIDE and KAPALA the extremists named BRAHMASTRIKA (hailing from Kolkata) fire their bestial Warnoise of the most inhuman kind into the unsuspecting world.

1  Mahakapalik Ashtakam 4:47
2  Irradiated Ejaculate Onto The Swasti-Quasar 4:01
3  Frequencies Of Armamentalized Suddhi 1:25
4  Chaturdasha Lokic Disruptors 4:10
5  Sulphurous Detonations Engulf The Throne Of Elohim 10:03

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