Exceed the Recommended Maximum


Music Cassette (None) - FREAK ANIMAL

2023 tape by Will Over Matter offers half an hour of instrumental electronic minimalism.
For describe the sounds on such tape think at eraly rhythmic industrial a la "Esplendor Geometrico" meets most crude electronic rhythmic signals known from "Mika Vainio".
However, after multiple albums, Will Over Matter has developed its own spirit of sound that escapes many of the trappings of contemporary industrial & electronics music, and manages to capture old manually played primitive feel that is missing from many current day edited and carefully synced music.
At same time recognizable WOM, but also unlike any former release on Freak Animal!

A1  Electroshock Weapon Technology
A2  Stunning Capabilities Of The Highest Voltage
B1  Intense Pain And Muscle Contradictions
B2  Exceed The Recommended Maximum
B3  Weapons That Administer Electric Shock Through A Stream Of Fluid
B4  Discharge To Override The Body's Muscle-Triggering Mechanisms

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