Filthy Criminals


CD Digipack (OCCD22) - OLD CAPTAIN

Limited Edition 250 copies

Special edition including poster!

First out in 2016.
Blood Ov Thee Christ, the first real power electronic project from Sweden.
The project began in Norsborg, 1983 under name Sachsenhausen Industriale.
The project had relocated to Sundsvall area and transformed into Blood Ov The Christ around 1985, a music group and mailorder company.
BOTC recorded the infamous tape "Master Control" and performed with Club Moral, Memorandum and others.
After some years of intense activity at the end of the 1980s, the project was laid to rest.
In 2005, Blood Ov Thee Christ was resurrected after slumbering since decades.
The founding father of BOTC, Harri Honkaniemi, who joined forces with Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania / Kommando RJF / Survival Unit), recorded their first output together, "Filthy Criminals / Hatemaster". Just 10 years since, this is a cult classic!
Reissue from original master tapes with new artwork by Kristian Olsson.

1 Filthy Criminals
2 Hatemaster

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