Final Judgment



Wyatt Howland is not only a force of noise, he is an institution. For nearly two decades, he has been producing some of the most potent and ugly industrial harsh noise around as SKIN GRAFT, both on tape and live in the flesh.
He has also inspired scores of noise soldiers through his fully committed and unpretentious attitude, never seeking limelight or chasing clout, but having earned his crown by putting in the work and keeping it real.
“Final Judgment,” originally recorded for the almighty Troniks label before their sudden hiatus, is his most recent expression in his long-term struggle to create his perfect harsh noise album.
If he told me he had finally achieved it here, I would wholeheartedly believe him.
This album is an intense journey deep into blackened sonic hell, his signature sound more refined than ever, an absolutely gutting experience that could easily be the crown jewel in SKING GRAFT’s devastating and prolific catalog.
However, all of us who need this in our lives eternally can take solace in the fact of knowing that Wyatt is not yet satisfied and has more toxins yet to expel.

1.  Stricture 10:36
2.  Heavily Braided Copper Wire 11:10
3.  Fenwick 14:14
4.  Force Trauma 8:49
5.  Unknown 4:42
6.  Freight 9:53

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