Homo Shargey


CD Digipack in DVD format (NN VII) - NEW NIHILISM

Alexander Shargey (Yuriy Kondratyuk) is a representative of passionate enthusiastic inventors who put their lives at stake to accomplish the mission for the future good of the whole mankind.
Shargey belongs to a cohort of scientists who were the first to foresee the space conquering.
They were great yet mocked-at dreamers and had to fight against all odds twice as hard. Shargey is a "recognized" space theoretic of unique unconventional genius.
The name of a self-made engineer since decades has become well up to par with famous scientists like Tsiolkovskiy, Tsander, Korolyov.
Ukrainian First Human Ferro project led by Olegh Kolyada pays a long overdue tribute to its compatriot composing a well-crafted vintage dark ambient album with both poignant and mesmerizing layers of sidereal voyage.
"Homo Shargey" was pre-mastered by Italian ambient magician Vestigial.

1. Alone under Stars
2. Moon Route
3. Steps & Leaps
4. Trassa paradoksa
5. Trajectories
6. Dove in the Tunnel
7. Heavens' Resident
8. The Open Book
9. Space Cradle
10. Astra Incognita
11. Dark Matter
12. Memory Crater
13. Rendezvous Forgotten
14. Mare Internum
15. The Visionary

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