By the Sword of my Father


CD Jewel Box (SCP 029) - STYGIAN CRYPT

This is best Folk / Vikinig Metal !

The history of this group begun in February 2004 with the idea of create a project to unite one unique flag musicians from different countries involved in neo-folk and pagan metal ....
The 1st of December 2004 the first album “A Nordic Poem” was released .

Later on the number of members of the band greatly increased up to 31 musicians from 8 different countries and the second album "By the Sword of my Father” was recorded.
The second album was released on the 1st of August 2006 .

Track list :
1. Introduction
2. The Lady`s Gift
3. By the Sword of My Father
4. Naglefar Sets Sail
5. The death of Beowulf
6. Instrumental
7. Skaldic Art
8. Domain of Darksome Ravens
9. Return to Walehalle
10. Heathernpride (Falkenbach cover)
11. Elves
12. Invictus
13. Wisdom of Wolves
14. Sailing a`Viking
15. Tribute to the Viking Gods
16. Journey Ends

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