CD Digipack in DVD format (FXXI+001) - FRAGMENTXXI RECORDS

Limited Edition 191 copies

After many years of friendship and mutual artistic esteeem, Italian experimental neo folk band Albireon and French obscure neoclassic/epic project Omne Datum Optimum felt it was time for a collaborative effort to display their common view of beauty and melancholy through music. Being both bands known for their many emotional works released in the past 15 years, “Fragments…” could only be a collection of heartfelt, sometimes deeply melancholic, sometimes epic ballads intertwined with a deep sense of longing for lost forgotten and blissful days.
Albireon recollect distant childhood memories recording some very old unreleased songs (from mid 90’s) displaying its purest, celtic and subconscious side and two exclusive versions of 2008’s “Gli Equiseti” and “Cerbastri”, while Omne Datum Optimum celebrated am intense yet intimate ritual for lost bliss through medieval and epic tunes, graced by GaudinisThXXI unmistakable voices and instrumentations which reaches its climax with the bombastic “Crusaders Anthem” and the passionate and bitter “O Mon Bel Ami (You Never Loved Me)” .

The album, released by French FragmentXXI Records, comes in a large and luxurious A5 Digipack (DVD format).
Strictly limited to 191 handnumbered copies.

1 The Poet And The Warrior
2 Tra Gli Asfoldeli
3 Nubi
4 Gli Equisiti (Green Spiders - 2016 version)
5 Cerbastri (White Crocuses for Dori - 2016 version)
6 Interlude
7 Chanson Du Roi Renaud
8 Lament
9 Crusaders Anthem
10 Sanathanorium
11 Ô Mon Bel Ami

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