FRAKMUNDT [Fräkmündt]

CD Digipack (Percht 15) - PERCHT / STEINKLANG

“Urbärglieder” is the debut CD of the Swiss Ur-Folk project FRÄKMÜNDT which was born out of the idea to revive old sagas and nearly forgotten songs and atmospheres of the alpine regions of Switzerland.
Performed in alemannic central-Swiss dialect, the songs on “Urbärglieder” simulate a journey through landscapes and sagas of the quaint regions of Switzerland.
They let you chase through stormwinds with the wild hunt at mount Pilatus or stroll under the paintings of the danse macabre over the Spreuerbridge in Lucerne.
One can meet the devil in the Schöllenen gorge and follow the alpine herdsmen during their sad walk down to the valleys in autumn.
The album is alternated by two sound-accentuated sagas and two atmospheric pieces, letting one share the horrors of the ghost-house in Stans and the mythical ambiance inside the Mondmilchloch cave.
On “Urbärglieder”, acoustic guitars, accordion, violin, flutes and various percussion instruments generate melancholic melodies full of nostalgia, but also rousing hymns which invite to dance.
The album is very diverse and never gets boring.
Something new which was never heard before: Ur-Folk at its best.

Tracklist :
1. D'Jagd a de Rigi
2. Wuotisheer
3. Die alte Schwyzer
4. Mondmöuchloch
5. Karfriitigsfüür
6. Herbschtmanet
7. Sennetuntschi
8. Simelibärg
9. S'Gschpeischterhuus vo Stans
10. Lozärner Totetanz
11. Wörmer
12. De Stier vo Uri
13. Tüüfusbrogg
14. Beresinalied
15. Söibannerzog

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