CACKLE CAR (Sam McKinlay of THE RITA and Ted Byrnes)

CD Digipak (Total Black ‎– 185) - TOTAL BLACK

A collaboration between Sam McKinlay (THE RITA) and Ted Byrnes (well known avantgardist drummer from LA).
G.I.L. is the debut full length from CACKLE CAR.
Solo percussion tracks from Ted Byrnes emulate drag racer engines idling on nitro.
Sam McKinlay then takes each track and translates them even further into a distorted cackling texture.
A call and response divided into 10 parts, G.I.L. reaches points of near mania, and constantly shifts into a new direction as soon as it becomes comfortable.
Photography by Sam McKinlay.

1. Untitled 05:03
2. Untitled 04:58
3. Untitled 05:07
4. Untitled 04:59
5. Untitled 05:06
6. Untitled 05:00
7. Untitled 05:02
8. Untitled 04:58
9. Untitled 05:06
10. Untitled 04:58

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