La Nef des Fous I


CD Digipack (CL025) - LE CLURICAUN

You dreamed of a Gaë Bolg album written for more than 100 musicians ?
Here it is !
Since the end of the nineties, after 7 colourful, spicy and iconoclast albums and a certain number of vynils, Ep and live albums, the press and the audience continue to highly acclaim the famous French cult band Gaë Bolg for its “original-bombastic-psychiatric-psychedelic- cabaret-operatic-medieval music”.
But Gaë Bolg’s very first interest for music was for orchestral forms, classical orchestras and contemporary music, he received a classical music education and wrote in his youth several works for various symphonic and chamber ensembles, and it’s consequently quite logical that he decides one day to confront the “rock’n roll” aspects of his band to its early passion.
La Nef des Fous I, based on the comics of the French draftsman Turf and on the famous Bosch’s painting, is written for a big classical symphonic orchestra (including 6 percussionists!), with the help of 4 soloist singers and a double choir on 3 songs.
They are playing 8 completely unreleased tracks written for the occasion and 3 older songs completely reworked for the circumstance.
It was recorded live in 2006 and 2008 during 2 concerts in Paris (one was the famous ‘Festival du Chantier’), then reworked, mixed and masterised in studio in 2009 and 20010.
Totally symphonic, bombastic, powerful and sarcastic and furious!

Very special guests are Gaudini TH+21 (of Omne Datum Optimum) on voice, Trublion 23 (of 23Trublion23) on drums and Jean-Marie Groud (of Seven Pines) on keyboards.

1 Trublion 23 - Prologue
2 Gaë Bolg - Prélude Aux Fous
3 Gaë Bolg - Variations Sur Le Thème Du Fou
4 Gaë Bolg - Variations Sur Migragne
5 Gaë Bolg - La Valse Du Fou
6 Gaë Bolg - La Fuite
7 Gaë Bolg - Thème Du Fou
8 Gaë Bolg - La Marche Du Fou
9 Gaë Bolg - Le Prince Et La Princesse
10 Gaë Bolg - Le Gibet
11 Gaë Bolg - Tintagel

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