Montauk Project


CD in DVD sized Digipack (TESCO 063) - TESCO

Montauk Project"’s inspiration is drawn from the covert electromagnetic mind/ time control experiments allegedly undertaken during the 1970’s and 1980’s at a disused Air Force radar base located (you guessed it) in Montauk, Long Island, New York. Galerie Schallschutz delves deep into such subject matter and although there are few audible sound bites or dialogue samples to reinforce such themes, the sinister toned experimental electronic atmospheres are an effective audio counterpoint to suggest that the album forms the soundtrack of such experiments being carried out.
Equally important to thematic content are the further allegations that the Montauk facility is still being utilised for: “research and experimentation into interdimensional technology, quantum and particle physics, black hole simulation, super powerful electrical and electromagnetic fields, weather control, psychtronics (interfacing mind and machine), particle beam technology (HAARP transmissions), and electronic and drug based mind control.”

By extending beyond typical characteristic that might be coined as dark ambience, where this album consolidates its strengths is via the unusual juxtaposition of waves of sound, digitized drones, glitched static, mechanical rhythms and fragmented electronics. Similarly with there being less focus on presenting as individual tracks, the album flows together as a collective whole, forging through one track to the next, bridging segments of bristling tension through to calmer respite.

Whilst such topical inspiration could have quite easily come off as being somewhat clichéd, Galerie Schallschutz has effectively tackled it to commendable result.

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