Garbage Shore


Music Cassette (narco104) - NARCOLEPSIA

Limited Edition 100 copies

“Garbage Shore” is drenched in abrasive buzzing and clanking, an industrial nightmare suffocated by crusty textures and broken rhythmic intensity, reeking of thick decomposition, vile and organic.
Never succumbing to the chaotic “Rock Music” discharge of Lusters, and lacking some of the required discipline one can find on Vigilantism, Edge of Decay is still a unique creature, an hybrid that manages to gather the best elements of the genres it predates, regurgitating a mass of sonic detritus very few are able to match, a slimy beast hard to hunt down or even locate.

Transparent-Grey C-60 Cassette with white prints.
Limited edition of 100 copies.

A1 Reflection In The Blood
A2 Rotten Symbiosis
A3 Sleaze Place
* Repeat program on both sides

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