GODLESSTATE [6 Comm / Six Comm / Mother Destruction]

CD Digipack (HagKen 161) - HAGSHADOW

PATRICK LEAGAS founder member of SIX COMM, MOTHER DESTRUCTION & the first Incarnation of DEATH IN JUNE continues his multi instrumentalist work as GODLESSTATE.
This first new album pays homage to his previous music as Mother Destruction & the later 6Comm style as heard on the acclaimed Headless let the moon speak albums where he produces a very individual idiosyncratic music unique amongst his contemporaries.
This album is a quirky mix of Industrial, World, & Tribal soundscape compositions based on the subject matter of ancient pre history
such as Epic of Gilgamesh, a Winters Voyage from Scandinavia to Doggerland via Bronze age ships, the influence of the Ancient Indian Vedic culture to the West & to the early Celtic cultures via the Middle East, the delightfully melodic Shania reed pipes and hand drums of Catalhoyuk & Beyond, paying homage to the pre historic town of the same name.
The instruments played on this album range from hand played drums & percussion of all varieties, reed pipes, Bombards, flutes, Zithers, Jaws harps, horns, metal pipes, multi layered vocals of all styles and the otherworldly synthesis of software instruments.
This new album is an introduction to the more rhythmic & harsher second album Doggerland which is already underway.
Patrick has taken a year out of live performance to travel around the UK, field recording and taking in the sights & sounds of the land, sea & the skies of the Islands just North & West of Doggerland.

01 Godlesstate 5:53
02 Birch Initiation 4:28
03 Seed Time Slipping 3:32
04 Vedic Transference 4:52
05 Cedar Forest 9:16
06 Enkidu's Wildness 9:29
07 Ice Voyage 5:44
08 Doggerland 10:17
09 Happy New Year Deer 2:15
10 Zika At The Sill 7:00
11 Catalhoyuk & Beyond 3:04

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