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CD EP Jewel-Box (OCD 02) - ORGANIC

French group born in 1989 from the chance meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table (as NWW would say...).
Some liked Poulenc and the Canterbury School, others Ptôse, Krautrock and French song, others still Hungarian melodies or the nicely doctored sonic surprises from the FM band...
Eperimental and acoustic sounds and rythms manipolated in all ways.
Between Industrial, Musique Concrete and Experimantal Avantgarde.

Nuit Verte 3:02
La Vie Des Poutres 1:57
Un Homme Déroba 3:38
La Traversée 2:47
Kader Hydris 2:30
Cible Sans Cil 2:41
Le Cirque Du Renard 2:50

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