Altered Nights


2xCD Digifile (TumorCD54) - MALIGNANT

Third CD from the acclaimed dark ambient collaboration between Andrea Marutti ( Amon, Never Known, among others) and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh).
Spread out over two CDs and totaling over 100 minutes, there's a lot to absorb here; organic, textural ambience that's murky and abstract, uncurling like tendrils of smoke before coalescing into a simulacrum of shadowy figures, to turbulent, more immersive post industrial sounds that prowl the depths of subterranean caverns and forgotten, still radioactive ruins.
At its core, this is dark ambient, but with its roughly edged, mildly corrosive machine edges and cascading factory whir, Hall of Mirrors moves into a much more active and cerebral sonic realm.
Features contributions from Vestigial , New Risen Throne, and Pietro Riparbelli/ K11, among others.
A must for fans of Troum, Terra Sancta, early Zoviet France...

Tracklist :
1-1 The Meeting 8:42
1-2 Invocation 20:03
1-3 Magmatic Resonance 19:25
1-4 Immaterial Bodies 8:10

2-1 Late Summer Ceremony 45:27

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