10" (TuT001) - TREUE UM TREUE

Limited Edition 297 copies

Rare 10" vinyl dated 2005

Handnumbered edition of 297 copies - Includes insert

Third release by Wermut, and the first on their own label (t)reue um (t)reue.
"Hoffnung" (2005) seals the bridge between the early post-industrial / neofolk and new minimal-electro influences.
Sofia E.R. and Laszlo P.S. take us into a world of pessimistic heroism where Casio / C64 sinewaves and accordion melodies meet, and set Schiller, the New Testament and other forgotten poets to minimal-wave dancefloor anthems or melancholic ballads.
10 songs with male and female vocals in German, English, French and Latin.
Post-apocalyptic-minimal-electro at its best!

A1  Vom Baum Am Berge I 2:15
A2  Hoffnung 2:44   (Lyrics by Friedrich Schiller)
A3  Quand La Nuit Tombe 3:22   (Lyrics by Werner Herzog)
A4  Lucia's Song 3:13   (Lyrics by Friedrich Hollaender)
A5  Es Kommt Ein Tag 1:58
B1  Eli Eli 3:59
B2  Mag Unser Sein 2:30
B3  Sombres De Sang 2:59
B4  The Wild Hunt 3:31
B5  Vom Baum Am Berge II 1:22

This is rare!
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