Zloto dla Zuchwalych


Compact Cassette (OEC 104) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 77 copies


  • Due North
  • Prometeusz Wyzwolony
  • Urkraft

What better time than now for Horologium to present their new output on a cassette?
“Złoto dla Zuchwałych” (in Polish "Gold is for the brave") consists of three brand new tracks on side A, and three previously unreleased live recordings on side B.
This is a special release for special tape devotees and old school maniacs.
Cassette comes housed in a special golden box.
May fire walk with you all !

Tracklist :
§ side A
1. Due North (exclusive for this release)
2. Pożoga (exclusive for this release)
3. Stormchaser (different version of a track from the upcoming Horologium album)

§ side B
1. Prometeusz Wyzwolony (live in Bologna - exclusive for this release)
2. Dionysos vs Apollo (live in Barcelona - featured on Earthbound, this version without vocals)
3. Urkraft (live in Bologna - completely different version of a track from the upcoming Horologium album)

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