House of Memories



Limited Edition 300 copies

Since his first release in 2007 on "NOTHingness REcords" Taphephobia showed to be a great Nordic "dark-ambient / drone" project.
Since than Ketil's project is a permanent act under the banner of CYCLIC LAW and has since it's start released six albums, and a load of collaborative albums and compilation tracks.

Now, 10 years after it's publication, Reverse Alignment release House of Memories again, with a new artwork and design from Haerleif Langås and mastered by Frédéric Arbour (Boss of CYCLIC LAW).

As a special treat follows eleven selected compilation tracks put together for this release and therefore making this a double album.
All a good way to summarize ten years of Taphephobia, from how the project sounded in the early days to today.
Best guitarbased drones.

A1. Fibromyalgia 03:35
A2. Machinery 04:23
A3. Tired of Living 03:28
A4. House of Memories 03:50
A5. A Welcomed Exit 03:34
A6. Eye of the Storm (Part I) 03:11
A7. Eye of the Storm (Part II) 03:38
A8. Into an Exquisite Forest of Night 03:14
A9. The Morning After 05:54

B1. Safe 03:40
B2. Fire Inside 04:58
B3. One Missed Call 05:02
B4. AnemnoiA 05:21
B5. Half the Man 05:09
B6. Outside of Myself 03:45
B7. Land of the Outlaws 04:35
B8. Winter's Mantra 06:26
B9. Dark Fountain of Memories 06:01
B10. Å falle i strid 06:14
B11. Rude Awakening 06:21

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