How I want to... Ronald Reagan / Lament for Comrade Time


7" (NVK008) - NOVICHOK

Limited Edition 152 copies

The split Krang Music / Browning Mummery single both commemorates the 40th anniversary of John Murphy's landmark solo cassette album, and offers a heartfelt tribute recorded by several of his collaborators when he left us in 2015.

The 3 minute extract of the debut Krang Music tape offers a brief exploration of his first solo release.
This track "How I Want To ... Ronald Reagan" has not been reissued since the original tape - and marks some of his earliest solo work known to exist.
It foreshadows the intense and unique sound he would go on to create both with Krang and many famous and infamous noise outfits.
It possesses singular intensity signalling neither despair nor hatred.

Lament For Comrade Time is a heartfelt tribute to John Murphy recorded in Berlin and Brisbane in 2015.
Featuring haunting vocals from Annie Stubbs (Krank, SPK), bowed guitar atmospherics from Julian Percy (LDL), bowed kayagum noise solos from Rob Cumings (Actual Remains) the track explores loss and sadness in a beat and noise driven darkwave ballad.

Limited edition of 152 copies all on black vinyl

A.  Krang – How I Want To .... Ronald Reagan (Extract)
B.  Browning Mummery – Lament For Comrade Time

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