Flesh Of The Soul


CD Folder (QUAG Twenty Two) - QUAG

Finally, after the numerous CDRs and one 7” on Drone Records, the first factory-pressed CD of this brilliant drone-ambient project.
“Flesh Of The Soul”, which is definitely one of the best works Dmitry Chistov has ever done, is a real masterpiece of cold transcendental soundscapes.
The album is filled with majestic melancholy, it is clear and soothing, there’s a plenty of veiled melodies and celestial harmonies hidden inside its simple sound structures.
It sounds a bit nostalgic cause Dmitry uses only old-fashioned tape-technique and analogue synth loops, utilizing digital devices just for the final mastering, but the atmosphere is very special, reminding of early Zoviet France, Maeror Tri, Tesendalo or Aidan Baker.
It could seem very peaceful and calm, but beyond this bright and peaceful surface the sorrow and darkness is hidden.

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