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Penumbra is a collection of 15 never before released tracks recorded between 1985-1995.
The various participants bring lots of intriguing variety, with the common theme being Alain Neffe's appearance on each track and a fascinating array of spoken word vocals. Among the highlights is "Rust", which includes Deborah Jaffe (Viscera, Master-Slave Relationship) on spoken word.
The music is dark and ethereal on the one hand, but the saxophone gives it an eerie lounge jazz feel too. Very cool. "
Overall, the music on Penumbra is sparse but creatively constructed and highly effective, with a focus on developing mood and atmosphere that supports the spoken word elements.

1 Rust 6:03
2 ¿ Por Que De Beriamos ? 1:50
3 Ofullbordad Målning 4:01
4 ...In Your Life Full Of Screams 2:42
5 Blond Smile 6:27
6 Blind 3:09
7 Possession 4:52
8 Another Planet 3:34
9 So Weak 3:43
10 Chanson Nostalgique 4:14
11 My European Mind 1:35
12 Niño Estrella 3:10
13 I Loved You, You Know... 3:20
14 Our Lost World 5:11
15 Meditation And Fears (The Fourth Day) 14:16

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