Music Cassette (None) - FREAK ANIMAL

It sometimes feels like these surgical crafstman types need a bit of release, an opportunity to relax, if only momentarily, that tightest of grips constricting the poor, wound up, harshskull or maybe the filthy scalpels got left at the cleaners.

Very live-to-tape feel here, no apparent edits, no bullshit.
As if to prove that Bonini can twiddle knobs with the best of ‘em, and that he can!
But with as much ear for brutal and pointed incisiveness as ever. Lots of hurt for your sorry ‘holes.
A wide range of spastic attire, metal bashed excess fueling a spastic sputtering mess of scrunched seethe and stutter.

A1 Hurtcore Pt.1
A2 Hurtcore Pt.2
B1 Hurtcore Pt.3
B2 Hurtcore Pt.4

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