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The first studio album of Hybryds since “Electric Voodoo” (2002).
"Dreambient" is based on exploration of the female characters from the Pagan past: archetypes of the seducer, the demon, the girl, the whore, the slave, the mistress, the priest, the mother...
The music of the project has become more accessible for unexpirienced listeners: traditional ambient-ritual basement is enriched with rhythmic electronics, melodic synthesizer tunes and even guitar parts.
Vocals are now done by Madeline Arndt from the German darkwave/gothic band Schattenkinder.
One hour DVD contains “The Photoshop art of Sandy Viktor Nys”, the erotic esoteric videos from Hybryds mastermind – “Religion and erotica melds together on the stage of Eros and Thanatos”.

CD-1. Opheilia/Ulunda
CD-2. Woman
CD-3. Snow
CD-4. Satyr
CD-5. Invasion
CD-6. Babel
CD-7. Yuki
CD-8. Night

DVD-1. Opheilia/Ulunda
DVD-2. Night
DVD-3. Satyr
DVD-4. Babel
DVD-5. Snow
DVD-6. Woman

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