Hymn to Pan


12" Vinyl / Lathe Cut (OELP 022) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 23 copies

Aleister Crowley is now viewed by many as instrumental in raising the popular awareness of the occult (for better or worse) as an iconoclastic and controversial figure in his own time, and so it was that a young boy in Texas named Erin Powell was introduced to the works of this figure by his own iconoclastic father - who had even brought home from his travels a piece of plaster from Crowley's Boleskine Lodge!

Many years later, it transpired that E.P. had the occasion to perform with Awen at the Scarlet Woman O.T.O Lodge in Austin, Texas, and it seemed only fitting that an adaptation of Crowley's sybaritic testament to the beastly divine; 'Hymn To Pan', be prepared and performed to honor this early influence.
This recording presents an audio document of this moment, along with another tribute in the form of a percussive rendition of the classic "Discipline" by the great Throbbing Gristle (themselves no stranger to Crowley's influence!).

As the 'all-devourer' marble goat masticating a cluster of grapes on the album's front cover suggests, let us 'thrill with the lissome lust of the light'!

Lathe-cut released out of 100% pure black vinyl.
12" vinyl, strictly limited to 23 hand-numbered copies.

A. Hymn to Pan  9:59
B. Discipline  9:59


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