And the Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes


CD Digipack (Infect 09) - MALIGNANT / BLACK PLAGUE

Debut album from this one man project from Greece, and a new entry into the Black Plague roster, fitting right in with label mate‟s Sewer Goddess in its ability to create innately evil and impure sounds, integrating elements of doom metal, black metal, and dark experimentalism into the pure industrial horror that constitutes the majority of this release.
The result is nothing short of absolute and abject dread; 8 tracks spanning an hour worth of material…
An auditory overload that's completely immersive, and at times overwhelming , where heaving masses of percussive doom collide with shuddering machinery dirge, ghoulish and nightmarish ambience, torturous screams, and cinematic depravity, the sounds layered into a tangled and abstract tapestry of something completely epic and nearly majestic in its scale.
Fans of BDN's “Necrose Evangelicum” era will do well to wallow in the oozing blackness and unbridled malevolence Hypsiphrone has created.

Tracklist :
1 A Momentary Vision Of Light & Hope 7:18
2 An Epiphany Written In Blood 6:46
3 Bleak Old Shadows 5:30
4 Her Name Is Upon The Graves Of Those She Slays 5:47
5 Embrace Of Soul & Flesh 4:36
6 Resurgence Of Mors Sexualis 9:18
7 Cornucopia Saluti 8:11
8 Worlds Are Wounds Of Desolation 6:58
9 Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit 8:34

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