I. Devote Edition


Music Cassette / Bag (QE001 DE) - QENCHYTRAEUS BUCHHOLZI

Limited Edition 50 copies


The one that is born from an amniotic chaos, is the hissing of a flower.
QDOR is a gesture of unconditional love.
It's the light that attends things in their lonely disintegration.
The red and the worm as a sign of Ancestral Vision: crawling Angels whisper words of salvation during the celebration of a rite.
Their words come as pollen on a mirrored world.

QDOR is an ancient and lost cult which was called back to life by four souls living between rocks and water of Friûl (a region in north-east Italy).
What you are getting herwith is a basic introduction kit to the QDOR-CULT.

The kit consists of:
§ Hand-Made Raw-Cotton Bag with Hand-Made QDOR Emblem.
§ Red Music-Cassette including the magic sounds of QDOR.
§ Hand-Binded QDOR Bible (16 illustrated pages).
§ Hand-Made QDOR Guardian-Angel Talisman.
§ Digital Download.

§RED Tape
I. Genesis (An insect’s gigantic womb as the first Cosmos)
II. Gaia (Angels crawling over an arboreal body)
III. Pollution (There’s an insect inside me, whispering death verses)


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