Sacrae Romanae Origines


CD Digipack (WAR 08) - WOLF AGE

Debut release for this project that involves members ex Camerata Mediolanense and Pavor Nocturnus.
A ritual journey into the realms of the Sacred, 11 solemn and bombastic compositions with neoclassical arrangements ranging from martial to atmospheric that draw inspiration by the mystery of the Origins of Rome.
Elegant digipak plus large booklet.

I. Vbi Bene Ibi Patria
II. Rvit Hora!
III. Antrvm
IV. Natvs Prima Lvce
V. Mores Maiorvm
VI. Pax Romana
VII. Ad Sollem Refervnt
VIII. Pax Romana II
IX. Dextrarvm Ivnctio
X. Rvit Hora, O Roma
XI. Primordia Civitatis

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