Muzika Elektronika


CD-R Folder (Ash !!! 001) - THE EASTERN FRONT

Droning loud eruptions of distorted sounds, detailed structured sounds …
Between melody & noise .

Igor Krutogolov, Israeli composer and musician, participates in a large amount of musical projects, such as collaborations with Chaos as Shelter,Bastard Noise,Agnivolok,Tidal and others.
He contributed tracks to "Tel Aviv Aftermath" (Topheth Prophet) and "Infernal Proteus" (Ajna Offensive) both well known compilations !
"Muzika Elektronica" is clearly noise orientated and built using an instrumentarium of drums, bass (with cello bow), drum machine, noise and voices.
Loud eruptions of distorted sounds with an incredible detailed structure leave just the right amount of breathing room in the form of slow (delicious) bass driven beats and quiet, melodical passages.

This is rare!
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