Drift in Sodom

IN MEDITARIVM (In Meditarium)

CD Digipack (OCCD08) - OLD CAPTAIN

Archaic, elemental, sodomite and penitent epos with deep waves of subsonic bass sounds, soft tinkling bells and melancholic chants.
Meditation is music for the darker minds.
Olegh Kolyada`s 1998-2008 Panoptikvm Series including the tracks originally released as “Mare Internum” EP by Drone Records as a part of 7” series.

Tracklist :
1 Solitaria 7:30
2 Calvarium 4:00
3 White Are The Bones Of Men 5:35
4 Sound Of Mountain 4:00
5 Sandstorm 2:07
6 Black Ziggurat 6:14
7 Silentia 6:26

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