CD Folder (RD-08) - RADIODRONE

The unique split work from three siberian acts from Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Kamensk-Uralskiy.
Together, Swill Klitch aka Instant Movie Combinations, 121 aka Closing The Eternity and Vitaly Maklakov aka Kromeshna raised a not of human making monument of drone / noise ambient. Static drones of electrified spaces envelops the consciousness by a thick, colorless cold, and dense and harsh sound that slowly moving in a tight vacuum.
The universe is divided into hundreds of unexplored worlds that born, die and re-merge.
IMC, CTE, and Kromeshna just dispassionately record the stages of this perpetual process.

Tracklist :
1 Instant Movie Combinations – Look At That 9:34
2 Kromeshna – Untitled (live at home studio - 21122010)2! 14:26
3 Instant Movie Combinations – Polyrunning KRMSHN-mix (version 2) 8:50
4 Closing The Eternity – 21122010 22122010 121 20:10
5 Kromeshna – Untitled (live at home studio - 22122010)2 11:22
6 Instant Movie Combinations – Polyrunning 7:38

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