JAGERBLUT [Jägerblut]

CD Digifile (UMB 006) - UMB - KOLLEKTIF

Jägerblut´s new release "Tannöd" is the legal and licensed background sound of the official stage play to a very special and haunting part of Bavarian history.
On "Tannöd" Jägerblut (Anton Knilpert, Genevieve Pasquier, Tikki Nagual, Giuseppe Tonal) unite spheric soundscapes with folkloristic influences and powerful rhytms to a coherent piece of extraordinary music.
"Tannöd" retells the enthralling, cruel crime tale from a different perspective, positively lacking the usage of speech.
The intonation of the ferocity of (in?-)human silence - a singular event that can only allow one question: "How could that possibly have happened?"

21 untitled tracks.
Digifile comes as eco-pack with golden prints.

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