Jhonn, Uttered Babylon (Coil)

MYRNINEREST [Current 93 / David Tibet and James Blackshaw]


“JHONN,” UTTERED BABYLON, their harrowing and haunted debut, featuring James Blackshaw and David Tibet, is centred on David’s friendship with, and love for, the late JHONN BALANCE of COIL as well as Jhonn’s death and how it affected the circle of friends around Jhonn.
With all lyrics by David and all music written by James, the album was recorded during February 2012 with James Blackshaw on classical guitar and harmonium and David as vocalist.

1 The Sun Like A Hound     4:25
2 A Dogstar At The Dogbar     4:34
3 Chaos In His Choirboy     4:43
4 Fangbell, Twilight     2:30
5 Badluckclock     3:35
6 To Be Trapeze     4:29
7 Roadworks For Tinkerbell     3:17
8 Ten Green Sothis Bottles     3:23
9 The Dog Is Unwell     5:57
10 Breast Point: Cairo 1904     2:20
11 Catnip Pastures     4:09
12 Long Home Sick Tonight     4:49

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