Our Telluric Conversation


CD Jewel-Box + Slip Case (23five008) - 23 FIVE

Our Telluric Conversation is the second collaborative album from John Duncan and Carl Michael von Hausswolff, which Duncan describes as having been galvanized by magnetism.
In a semantic sleight of hand, Duncan and Hausswolff reveal magnetism through a duality of meanings.
One on hand, they speak of the physical phenomenon of charged objects that exert an attraction or repulsion upon other objects; yet on the other, magnetism can be defined the psychological influence wielded by charismatic individuals.
Our Telluric Conversation maps out the complexities that emerged through the collaborative pursuits of these venerated sound artists.

De-Lux pakage including :
- CD in Slim-box
- Large booklet with loads to read and many immages
- Embossed Slip-case for hold the whole

1 ...Like A Lizard (23:38)
2 Entry (Enhanced) (17:12)
3 Yet Another (Very) Abridged And Linear Interpretation Of The History Of Our Planet As We Know It. (22:43)

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